[L2Ork-dev] From Paul Fejko!

Paul Fejko fej at fejko.com
Sun May 10 22:41:57 EDT 2020

Hello All!

I shall repeat.... I LOVE playing with Tweeter!!

I forgot to add that I would LOVE it more if while in offline, I could 
have all 10 modules active - or 'selected' so that I could modify any 
one at any time without having to individually 'select' the one I want 
to modify. I am trying to make this a LIVE performance instrument. Is 
this possible? I have sooooooo many ideas for this instrument!!!!

I have made already several 10 voice loops that unfortunately, I could 
not save....... It really is a SUPER COOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL instrument!!

Thanks again for your indulgence......

Paul Fejko

fej at fejko.com
Youtube.com/paulfejko, or /andrecafeacoustique

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