[L2Ork-dev] From Paul Fejko!

Paul Fejko fej at fejko.com
Sun May 10 22:16:41 EDT 2020

Hello All!

I LOVE playing with Tweeter!! However....

I have a small problem! I made a windows 10 installation following all 
of your instructions with one exception: the PurrData link on your page 
(http://purr-data-2.10.1-20200410-rev.d7ec58b1.zip/) seems to be a bad link.

I found a PurrData 2.10.1 install here:

Everything is quite fun and useful for my research and production 
EXCEPT..... I can neither SAVE nor Retrieve ANYTHING.....

The package opens and I see I can load the session "jammilcious-002". 
Great... I see there is also a jammilicious-001 in the session 
directory. In the load dialogue box I can NOT enter ANYTHING 
successfully. I only heard 001 by renaming it 002 (!!!!). When I put 
together a loop session I like, ticking the session save button does 
NOTHING. This is also true for the Loop and Preset save buttons - 
although it seems I can indeed recall presets by number

Could this have something to do with the PurrData version I am using? Do 
I need the PurrData version that should exists in the bad link noted above?

Is there something else I might be doing wrong?

I thank you for any ideas!!

Paul Fejko

fej at fejko.com
Youtube.com/paulfejko, or /andrecafeacoustique

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