LyonPotpourri is a collection of externals I wrote for Max/MSP starting in 1999, and later ported to Pure Data (Pd).

LyonPotpourri 3.0 for Max/MSP 6.1 and later

LyonPotpourri 3.0 for Pure Data

Update 12.28.2019

For Mac users on Catalina – you may have a hoop to jump through to get these externals working on your system. If you get a message in the Max console that a LyonPotpourri object can’t be loaded because it’s quarantined, that’s probably because an extra attribute was added to the object when you unzipped the archive. The solution is to navigate in a terminal window to where all the externals live. Then execute the following Unix command in the terminal window:

xattr -r -d *.mxo

That should solve the problem.

Update 8.11.2022

Here is a Mac build that should work for the new Apple chips.

LyonPotpourri 3.0 Package arm64