FFTease is a collection of externals that process audio in the spectral domain. I created the collection with Christopher Penrose in 1999. Since 2003, I have continued development of the project, including a port to Pd and the design of several new externals.

FFTease 3.0 for Max/MSP 6.1 and later.
FFTease 3.0 for Pd (Github repository; also available through deken – search for “fftease”).

Update 12.28.2019

For Mac users on Catalina – you may have a hoop to jump through to get these externals working on your system. If you get a message in the Max console that an FFTease object can’t be loaded because it’s quarantined, that’s probably because an extra attribute was added to the object when you unzipped the archive. The solution is to navigate in a terminal window to where all the externals live. Then execute the following Unix command in the terminal window:

xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine *.mxo

That should solve the problem.

Update 8.11.2022

Here is a Mac build that should work for the new Apple chips.

FFTease 3.0 Package arm64