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Welcome to OPERAcraft!

OPERAcraft is a Minecraft mod, created by Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology and the School of Performing Arts. The mod brings opera, movie production, and games together for the first time. With OPERAcraft, you are able to create, stage, and produce a story in real-time using characters who have the ability to show emotion through mouth and arm gestures, multiple camera angles and views, subtitles, scene cues, and many more. With the help of Pd-L2Ork free open-source digital signal processing software also developed at Virginia Tech, OPERAcraft mod animates mouth movement based on real-time voice analysis. Pd-L2Ork also allows for easy distribution of production tasks (e.g. camera and scene changes, subtitles, actor cues, etc.) using networked clients. Check out the production page for additional info on the premiere of World's first production of OPERAcraft.


Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology OPERAcraft
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