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Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
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I see. This is actually really nice and useful. Thank you for sharing, 



On 9/1/2020 11:51 AM, Mario Sottile - Marionetas Mey wrote:
>> Thank you for sharing. I am curious how is this different from the 
>> regular route?
> I use MobMuPlat as interface in my tablet to control PureData and OBS, 
> using OSC messages. Becasue of this, I use a lot of [route] objects, 
> like:
> They are buttons or toggles pressed in the tablet. As you can see in 
> [route] object, every outlet has its own position, no matter where the 
> correspondent word is. For example in [route], the third outlet is 
> exactly below "popo", but it is "pipi" outlet. I would have to count 
> how many words are before "popo" to know where is its outlet. In 
> [route2] (now called [r2], every outlet is below its word.
> I made some fixes. For the moment, it only works with words, not numbers.
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