[L2Ork-dev] Purr Data GSoC 2020: Cast of Characters (Hugo Carvalho)

Hugo Carvalho hugonvsc at gmail.com
Fri May 8 15:08:31 EDT 2020

Hi !!

I'm Hugo Carvalho and I'll be one of the GSoC students helping in Purr
Data. I live in Brasília - Brazil (GMT-3 time zone). I'm on my sixth year
(final period) of a bachelor degree in Software Engineer. I'm also studying
music and have a band (playing the bass) outside the university.

In my college we are encouraged to get into open source projects, we have
some subjects to learn and apply. I've already worked with some government
projects one as intern and others as member of LAPPIS (college software

Even so, I'm kind nervous. My main previous projects were in web develop
(full-stack) and Dev Ops, but in the last year I got more interest in audio
/ music stuff, so I'm pretty new.

It'll be awesome to work with you guys and make Purr Data grow.

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