[L2Ork-dev] tracecall

Jonathan Wilkes jon.w.wilkes at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 22:20:05 EDT 2020

Ok, I got a nice tracecall prototype going.

Given this:

[int 42]

You get this to the console:

print: list tracecall float 42
print: list int bang
print: list messresponder bang
print: list canvas mouse 112 33 1 0
print: list guiconnect mouse 112 33 1 0

Now let's talk user-experience.

IMO it's not very useful to have a series of messages output to an
outlet. At the very least I'd like default behavior that sends
something like this to the console:

trace: tracecall float 42
trace: int bang
trace: messresponder bang
trace: list canvas mouse 112 33 1 0
trace: list guiconnect mouse 112 33 1 0

Where trace is a link that selects the relevant object when mousing over it.

Furthermore, the args should be links which, when clicked, send that
data to the relevant object.

I think that would be an extremely useful tool.

Additionally, I'm wondering if tracing backwards really fits the
dataflow paradigm. Wouldn't it be better like this?

guiconnect mouse 112 33 1 0
canvas mouse 112 33 1 0
messresponder bang
int bang
tracecall float 42

And again with links in the obvious places.


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