[L2Ork-dev] More purr-data coverage

Jonathan Wilkes jon.w.wilkes at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 22:31:32 EDT 2020

On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 5:37 PM Albert Graef <aggraef at gmail.com> wrote:
> Interesting. I've seen that, too (I have Peter's rss feed in my feedly). Hey, I didn't know that we have an interface to the Sensel Morph, I might be tempted to buy one now. :) Ico, I guess that you got a chance to play with it, what's your take on it?

Unfortunately, I think it will be too difficult to add this to Purr
Data without each of us receiving one with all the bells and
whistles included so that we can rigorously test everything. :)

> Also, the Sensel is multi-touch, isn't it? So it might be worth taking a look at the external, and see whether we can pilfer some code to get multi-touch support working for touchscreens, too (https://git.purrdata.net/jwilkes/purr-data/-/merge_requests/430).

Our main problem is with those 10 lines of global variables to even
handle "motion" callbacks for each class that needs
it (garrays, scalars, etc.). And Pd stuffing it all into the STUFF
struct doesn't help here, unless we want to try juggling
ten threads for ten fingers. :)

I think even for something simple like a click event for [bng] would
need different logic in g_editor.c's click handler. You'd
get the first bang ok. But if you overlapped that with another finger
touching a second [bng], the backend will thing you
dragged the mouse over there with the button depressed.

One exception: [draw] events do an end-run around all that and should
support a multi-touch frontend.


> Cheers,
> Albert
> On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 9:02 PM Ivica Ico Bukvic <ico at vt.edu> wrote:
>> As part of the official sensel external launch. I guess now we have no
>> excuse not to include it in the next release :-)
>> https://cdm.link/2020/07/expression-plus-free-patching-sensel-morph-integrates-with-pure-data/?fbclid=IwAR38-A-ZSroBdAiZw5Af5qytwvjS8HywP3HWTzrddO_S72-lhKJ4Akx5qfY
>> https://www.engadget.com/sensel-morph-mpe-midi-controller-pure-data-synth-130027112.html
>> http://www.gearjunkies.com/2020/07/sensel-announces-integration-into-pure-data-and-multitouch-interface-with-the-morph-controller/
>> Best,
>> Ico
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