[L2Ork-dev] tooltips

Jonathan Wilkes jon.w.wilkes at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 14:01:59 EDT 2020

I think I have a nice way to combine tooltips with the current cord
inspector implementation:

* tooltip can show object description, inlet description, outlet
description just like my l2ork 1.0 implementation

* tooltip can show the current value stored at an inlet (or for simpler
objects, the value associated with that object)

* tooltips can be translated

* interface *could* be compatible with Max's "assist" method

But first I'd like to understand the current magicGlass_class
weirdness (and we all know where camelcase and underscores mix
is sure to follow...)

First off: when magicGlass shows a "bang" coming down the wire, why is
the message cleared after a half-second delay? That seems awfully
frustrating for some of the most common cases, like the message "debug
I'd like to read the 18th argument to fix this damned bug oops it
already cleared out 0.41267"

Next, and less pressing-- is there any conceivable way to read the
signal data without the craggy business of shooting an invisible
object into the chain? Could we have a separate dsp_tick_debug or
something for cord_inspector time, and just fetch the vector data at a
given index (and perhaps add a profiler there, too)?


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