[L2Ork-dev] Inconsistent window sizes across different OSs

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Wed Aug 12 16:56:45 EDT 2020

So, now that the scrollbar business has been resolved (see pending merge 
request 485), it appears that the following is the issue across the 
three most prominent OSs (Linux, OSX, Windows):

1) OSX when opening a patch saved on Linux adds 25 pixels to the bottom 
of the window of the patch

2) Linux when opening a patch saved on OSX subtracts 25 pixels to the 
bottom of the window of the patch

3) Windows when opening a patch saved on OSX adds 16 pixels to the right 
and subtracts 18 from the bottom

4) OSX when opening a patch saved on Windows subtracts 16 pixels to the 
right and adds 18 to the bottom

There are, of course, ways to scale the svg area to make a relatively 
quick fix to this issue. This, however, results in a fuzzy graphics and 
text and is therefore suboptimal.

To further exacerbate the issue, pre-0.46+ nw.js dubiously adds 4 more 
pixels at the bottom of the canvas regardless of the OS. This is true of 
older pre-scrollbar-redesign purr-data versions, suggesting this is an 
nw.js bug. I propose we ignore this one for the time being, in 
anticipation of the future migration to a newer version of nw.js which 
will solve this issue (this migration, however, is pending until we 
figure out what is causing a significant slowdown when opening more 
complex patches).

So, instead of doing a quick'n'fuzzy svg scaling solution, one thing we 
could consider potentially doing is the following:

1) when saving a patch, add at the beginning of the patch OS on which it 
was saved, and then, based on which OS we are and where the patch was 
saved, compensate for the window size accordingly

Alternately, we could

2) do the svg scaling and accept the fuzziness as par for the course (in 
which case we may want to pick the "benchmark" platform which will not 
be fuzzy)--I really do not like this option

And of course, as always we could

3) do nothing




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