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I'm not sure what the bug is. I just did a fairly straightforward port to 
C of Frank Barknecht's C++ version. But I'm happy to fix it or merge a 
fix if you can figure out what's causing the problem.

Thank you Albert It appears Johnathan Wilkes did the work on it so i was hoping if he saw this he might have some insightI think the biggest issue with it seems to be that i am getting endless sustain and at some point usually fluid~ stops responding and there is no way to load/unload an .sf2 once you are in a pd patch which is a little curious I have a ton of old .sf2 files which sound quite nice so i am hopeful this old gem survives 
thanks for the info though i will peruse the wiki

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On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 12:39 AM, pat pagano <shreeswifty at gmail.com> wrote:

i am working on getting fluid~ working on the Organelle and i was wondering if someone has the MIDI specs for what works.

AFAICT, fluid~ (at least the version that's included in Purr Data) understands the following messages:

note c n v
control c n v
prog c n
bend c v

(c = MIDI channel, n = note/control/program number, v = velocity/control value; the pitch bend value is 14 bit signed IIRC)

AFAICT fluid~ doesn't support channel pressure, poly-touch or sysex right now, although fluidsynth does support some of these (it can be tuned via MTS, for instance). As for which controllers are supported, you can refer to the chart at https://sourceforge.net/p/ fluidsynth/wiki/FluidFeatures/ . (Not sure how complete and up-to-date that is, though. The chart doesn't mention MTS octave-based tunings, even though I know for sure that it's supported in some versions at least.)


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