[L2Ork-dev] Where to find pd-l2ork Demos using i2c/spi/serial devices ?

francois.heslot at free.fr francois.heslot at free.fr
Tue Jul 26 14:03:49 UTC 2016


I am currently running pd-l2ork on a raspi3.

I am looking for "how to" guides for pd-l2ork communicating with external devices using 
(i) the i2c protocol, 
(2i) the spi protocol and 
(3i) the serial protocol.

Where could I find a range of examples ?


a further question:
For the spi interface, is pd-l2ork using a mode that is "blocking the cpu" the time of sending bytes on the spi lines, or is it using interrup-driven spi transactions ?

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