[L2Ork-dev] Start running ( Pd-l2ork, a given Patch and its Presets), by simple turn-on (raspi3) ?

francois.heslot at free.fr francois.heslot at free.fr
Tue Jul 26 14:02:57 UTC 2016


I am running pd-l2ork on a raspi3.

Assume that I have a patch I am happy with. The patch has sliders, and various parameters, etc... and I have a set of parameters values I am happy with after fiddling with them.

I would like to launch the "whole thing" (raspi3, pd-l2ork, my patch with given presets), headless, and ... tail-less, i.e. without any terminal whatsoever, and starting from the initial state of an unpowered raspi3.

I wonder if the is a simple way to start that "whole thing", by simply turning on the raspi3 by powering it:
Ideally, after booting, it should start pd-l2ork in an unattended fashion, and then (still unattended) run a selected patch, using my various fiddled presets.

Any suggestion on how this might be done ? 

thanks !


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