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Mon Sep 15 16:54:01 UTC 2014

Again, thank you for the update as well as for kind words re: pd-l2ork,
Gilberto. Please see my comments below.

On Sep 15, 2014 10:54 AM, "Gilberto Agostinho" <
gilbertohasnofb at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello list,
> So after successfully installing pd-2lok side-by-side with pd-extended, I
am finally playing around with it. I am extremely impressed by it, the new
features are absolutely stunning! That said, I do have a couple of
questions/comments about it, and I hope this is the right place to ask them
(I tried the main Pure Data forum, but I think not many users there are
working with pd-l2Ork).

Either place is fine, although perhaps this one is a bit more appropriate.

> - Pd-l2Ork does not seem to recognize nor execute any of my *-plugin.tcl
files (pd-extended automatically does it for any file ending with
-plugin.tcl). Is this feature not yet supported? If so, is there any plan
to implement it? It would be a huge pity to live without it, since there
are great tcl plugins available for pure data, such as auto-completition,
full screen by pressing F11 and one called category_menu-plugin.tcl (this
last one is my absolutely favourite).

We haven't implemented plugins as we prefer to implement things into the
core of pd-l2ork and also because we are looking to migrate gui to qt soon
which will obsolete a large number of tk-specific workarounds. Pd-l2ork
already supports more flexible implementations of some of the plugins, like
hide menu which in pd-l2ork can be done per canvas rather than only
globally for the entire pd  instance. I am not familiar what plugins you
listed do beyond what you mentioned above, so if you think these should be
a part of pd-l2ork, we can certainly look into it.

> - I am not able to add a new folder to pd-l2Ork's path. To be more exact:
I do manage to add it, but then when I restart Pd-l2Ork (so all externals
would be reloaded) the folder is not on its path and the abstractions there
contained cannot be loaded. How can one edit the path?

Did you try changing .pdl2ork file in your home folder? That is what it
uses for its user-specific settings file.

> - Is it possible for pd-l2Ork to automatically start JACK by itself as
pd-extended does? Now I have to manually open QjackCtrl, start JACK and
then start pd-l2Ork

As of right now, unfortunately no, mainly because so far it seemed better
to have full control over how many channels jack should start and how they
should connect to pd-l2ork, than deal with default connections that only
work in limited situations. As always, we are open to alternative
implementations, but as it seems right now it is a choice of either using
the incomplete implementation or reimplementing everything tools like
qjackctl does which seems awfully redundant.

> - [gcanvas] : this very nice pd-extended GUI object is missing, and I
believe quite a lot of abstractions use it (I found that even some of GEM
tutorials included in pd-l2ork have it)

We build Gem from the latest git. I unfortunately have not tested all its
patches so if this is something we should have (and it certainly seems so),
we will gladly add it to the next release. I could use more info about that
object as I do not use extended or vanilla. Namely, is it a core object or
a third-party external and if so to which lib does it belong to?

> - [prepend] : very useful pd-extended object (part of cyclone) is also
missing. Why wasn't this library included in this release? I copied it from
the pd-extended folder and it worked perfectly well.

This is a part of continual work to prune redundant objects from pd-l2ork.
[list prepend] is a perfect alternative and I have built an abstraction
using it to replace prepend (unfortunately I have not included it with the
release, which I probably should--perhaps we could have a legacy folder
with externals considers obsolete?). This may prove a slight frustration in
the interim until we provide an online resource for legacy externals, but
in the long run I hope you will agree it will result in a healthier
ecosystem with no redundant objects and therefore less confusion.

Hope this helps!

> Thanks a lot in advance.
> Best,
> Gilberto
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