[L2Ork-dev] Small reminder regarding latest builds of pd-l2ork

Albert Graef Dr.Graef at t-online.de
Tue Jun 5 11:24:59 UTC 2012

On 06/05/2012 12:38 PM, Albert Graef wrote:
> You mean the pd-pure and pd-faust plugins? Sure, if you want to bundle
> them with pd-l2ork-extended then please by all means just go ahead! But
> IMHO it doesn't make much sense to bundle the entire Pure and Faust
> environments with pd-l2ork, so you'd still have to rely on those
> dependencies, right? (In principle these could be integrated as well,
> but you'd have to be careful to avoid conflicts with other installed
> Faust and Pure versions.)

OTOH, a closer integration of Pd-L2Ork might offer some benefits. E.g.,
we might add a button to the context menu of Faust objects which would
recompile the Faust source and reload the module in one go, writing
messages from the compiler to the Pd console window. Another thing that
I have been thinking about is a Pure console which would allow you to
type and evaluate Pure code inside Pd. It's possible to do most of these
things on the Pure side (or from Emacs via pd-send/pd-receive), but a
tightly integrated Pd/Pure+Faust combo could certainly make some things
more convenient.


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