[L2Ork-dev] Application regarding Google Summer of Docs

Piyush Chetwani pcpiyush1106 at gmail.com
Tue May 11 16:21:25 EDT 2021


I really do want to give a try for being a technical writer in your
organization. Until now I have been researching and analyzing the project
which will best suit my profile and it took me a little more time to come
up with the best solution, that is Purr Data. The reason for selecting your
organization was the project title. I have written many technical blogs,
user guides, and documentation for certain software and websites. After
thoroughly going through the project, I found that this is something that
interests me the most and would really like to work upon that and
contribute. Apart from being a technical writer, I have work experience in
coding and development as well which will definitely help me to write
better documentation for your organization. I also have a decent experience
in contributing on GitHub and have contributed to various open-source
repositories. Since I have done many internships in technical writing and
development, I feel I would be a suitable candidate for your project as
apart from having the required skills, I have some experience and exposure
too in both the industries.
I have attached the requirements. Hoping for a positive reply. I would
request you to please forgive me for mailing late and try to give me a

Links to example of previous technical writings:

Link for previous computer codes:
Here I have uploaded all of my works on GitHub.

Link of my personal portfolio:
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