[L2Ork-dev] Purr Data 2.14.2

Mario Sottile - Marionetas Mey mariomey at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 20:40:43 EDT 2020

Marionetas Mey
I read almost all mails after mine... but "from above". As english is 
not my native language and also I'm not a developer... it's a bit 
difficult to completly understand everything you say. I come from 
Vanilla to Purr not long ago. I really like Purr. There are some bugs 
that I will be reporting when I have time... or when I cannot live with 
them. For the moment, I respond these:
> Is this a change you can live with?

Yes, absolutely. My brain can go from Blender with its 
unique-in-the-universe UI to GIMP to Inkscape to PureData... now to 
PurrData. As always, I press lots of incorrect keys: it's not because of 
disposed hotkey, but because my undisposed fingers :D.

> I don't care about either as long as it's making its job and the 
> developers life easier.

I think the same.

> Nope. It is just a grid, currently without any snapping.
> Again, feedback welcome.
The only feedback I can give is that it would be great to have a 
snap-to-grid and a grid-size option. Also, I have more suggestions... 
but I don't want to bother you... from the beggining :P.
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