[L2Ork-dev] Purr Data 2.14.2 - ALT key

Linux ROUEN Normandie linux.rouen at free.fr
Thu Sep 24 14:31:20 EDT 2020


An additional quick feedback on the ALT key change in the latest Purr 
Data v.2.14.2.

* Windows 10 v.2004
(FYI, after several months of no success, the last trial took more than 
4 hours to upgrade from v.1909 to v.2004!!!! And now there is a lot of 
problems to fix! What a big proprietary shit!)
- In editmode: ALT + click on [pd subpatch] opens it awa blinds the new 
grid (which is very useful for knowing we are or not in editmode).
- Strange thing when back to the patch where [pd subpatch] is located, 
it switched automatically from editmode to runmode. Normal or not?

* Linux Mint 20.0 (Ubuntu 20.04)
- In editmode: ALT + click on [pd subpatch] does not open it but well 
blinds the new grid. I never tested with CTRL, so I cannot compare.

* Manjaro 20.1 (Arch Linux)
- I cannot test it as there is a big issue (no more boot) with this 
rolling release distribution regarding the latest Linux kernel update / 
Nvidia driver (old ones).
Manjaro development team was obliged to recognize their big mistake not 
having enough tested/red the Linux kernel warning about v.5.8.x / Nvidia 
legacy drivers.
So now, I do need to fix this big joke before being able to test Purr 
Data 2.14.2 under this distribution.

* ALT vs CTRL vote
I don't care about either as long as it's making its job and the 
developers life easier.

Joseph Gastelais

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