[L2Ork-dev] regression tests as part of the build

Jonathan Wilkes jon.w.wilkes at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 11:32:16 EDT 2020

Hi all,

For some reason, I never thought of integrating the
regression/external tests into the build system itself. I only set
them up to run as part of the CI runners' jobs.

Albert recently added `make check` to run them from make.

So, a few questions for Albert:

1. Does that mean that now when a user runs `make` the tests get run?
2. If not, can we change the build system so that it runs the tests as
part of the build?

I guess the one tricky part is `make light`. It wouldn't succeed on
the external tests. Plus, I have a few externals in the
regression_tests.pd so those would need to be moved to a new


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