[L2Ork-dev] Purr Data Build Support Group (Hugo Carvalho)

Hugo Carvalho hugonvsc at gmail.com
Fri May 15 15:02:47 EDT 2020


Thank you Jonathan for this very helpful build guide. As I've to build
PurrData before this e-mail I followed repo's Build Guide, but I
double-check with the e-mail tips, especially the .bin file which it's not
described at the repository.

While build I got some errors with my environment dependencies even after I
installed the listed ones. I'm using Debian 10 and some packages had
changed their names:

- slv2-jack-> liblilv-0-0
- libgsl0-dev -> libgsl-dev
- libslv2-dev-> liblilv-0-0

I've also don't have installed rsync. After installing these new packages I
successfully built the project. After that I noticed new untracked files on
my git status. Should I keep, remove, or just ignore them?

I'm already working on issue #583, but as it's a patch for .pd file I'm
looking for more information.


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