[L2Ork-dev] Why I use Purrr Data

Bart Koppe bk at bartkoppe.net
Thu May 7 11:49:36 EDT 2020

Not only because I love cats..
I’m a media and also beachcomb-artist. Living in a coastal area in the Netherlands.
Over the years I used Pure Data, Extended, L2ork for several works. And now I wish to use Purr Data for my “BeachComBartBand Online” project (work in prgress). Via a webform designed as a punch card, one can activate music making motors in my shed.
Have a look at (beachomb-art) jutart.nl, a-bort.org <http://a-bort.org/> (media-art), and if you like for more recent stuff instagram.com/beachcombart <http://instagram.com/beachcombart> 

Bart Koppe
jutkunstenaar | http://jutart.nl <http://jutart.nl/>
mediakunstenaar | http://bartkoppe.net <http://bartkoppe.net/>
bk at bartkoppe.net <mailto:bk at bartkoppe.net>
tel +31 6 40704051

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