[L2Ork-dev] joining gitlabs to submit an issue

Guy Whittaker ugyballoons at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 13:53:51 EDT 2020

I’ve been making music for a while on my laptop & I play drums.

I want to synthesise the sound of concrete tiles hitting each other so, to that end, I've just started working through the tutorial for Pure Data at home.

I’m working on a MBP running MacOS Sierra. Homebrew threw up too many errors for me to deal with in attempting to install the dependencies so I abandoned installing from source and am running Version 2.11.0 (20200528-rev.8bf9dbb5) from binary.

I’ve come across an issue with the gui that doesn’t seem to have a ticket so wanted to add it.
I don’t know the terminology to describe what’s happened and can’t recreate the problem deliberately yet but have taken a video of the problem in action.

Would you be willing to help me submit the ticket?

Best wishes,

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