[L2Ork-dev] Purr Data 2.13.0 released - Weird Patch Window issues

Linux Rouen linux.rouen at free.fr
Mon Aug 3 12:57:19 EDT 2020

Hello All,

Thanks to the developers and all involved for releasing Purr Data 
2.13.0. It's looking promising. I'm using the OBS channel.

I just made a quick test under Manjaro 20.0.3 KDE Plasma (based on Arch 
Linux) and there are some weird issues with the way of how the patch 
windows are now handled.
This was not the case with the original V.2.12.0 release under Manjaro.

The MAIN Patch Window Size (not the sub-patches if any) has some kind of 
dysfunction, even if in Prefs / GUI the Zoom level is clicked to be 
saved/loaded with the patch.
When I mean MAIN patch, I mean the patch at the higher level. If there 
is only one patch, this patch as the same bad behavior than the main 
patch with sub-patches.

So, You save your patch with its window maximized (not full screen) and 
close it. Then at load:
a)- the patch window is not opening at its saved size, it's smaller 
(windowed), but the zoom level is correct (patch content is now beyond 
window limits).

You save again the patch without changing anything and close it. Then at 
b)- the patch window is not opening at its saved size, it's getting even 
smaller (still windowed) than in a), but the zoom level is correct.
c)- each time you save it, close and open it, the patch window is 
getting step by step smaller and smaller.

You maximize the window size, save it again and close it. Then at load:
d)- you are back to a)-, and so on, until you get a window having the 
size of a postal stamp.

You maximize the window size, you zoom out (-) its content, save the 
patch and close it. Then at load:
e)- both the patch window size and the patch content zoom level are correct.

You maximize the zoom of the patch content still with the patch window 
maximized, save and close it. Then at load:
f)- you are back to a)-, and so on.

With the patch being in c) state, you change the patch content to 
optimal zoom, you save and close it. Then at load:
g)- the patch window size is bigger = a) state and the content zoom 
level is correct (but anymore optimized as the window got bigger), and 
so on.

I didn't try all possible combinations.

Best, Joseph

= = = = = = = = = =

Le 01/08/2020 à 23:15, Jonathan Wilkes a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Purr Data 2.13.0 has just been released:
> https://git.purrdata.net/jwilkes/purr-data#downloads
> Changes:
> * ported Vanilla's [inlet~ fwd] argument (reimplemented to avoid stack
> allocation and various other problems) (Thanks to Guillem!)
> * scrollbar fix for optimal zoom (Thanks Ico!)
> *avoid null selectors in core where trivial to do so, gracefully
> handle and annotate them when/if they happen. Also added an
> experimental [debuginfo] object so we can output a message with a null
> selector (and other methods in the future good for testing)
> * ported Vanilla patch for [pow~] handling negative samples in input
> * ported [savestate] from Vanilla
> * ported array, scalar "bang" methods
> * add base argument and inlet for [log]
> * add zcheckgetfn to m_pd.h for checking method signatures match
> before doing an end run around typedmess. This is used for the
> reimplementation of [inlet~ fwd]. (Thanks to Guillem for this)
> * port and re-implement Vanilla's "#ffffff" syntax for setting iemgui
> colors. Additionally, support the "#fff" short syntax. We're not
> currently saving the symbol colors in the Pd file format, yet. A
> warning is printed about this since it means we're still storing the
> lossy color format. A future version will save the symbol colors, but
> we want to ship a few releases supporting the new syntax before making
> this breaking file format change.
> * added "test-object" abstraction for doing more detailed testing of objects
> * fixed bug where the box width was wrong when editing certain objects
> (thanks to Guillem)
> * port "seed" method for [noise~]
> * throttle canvas_motion (part 1 of 2 of getting rid of exponential
> explosion when moving selections)
> * port [text] "sort" method
> * when clicking an error link, bring the relevant object into the
> viewport and animate it to make it easy for the user to find
> * add "-alsaadd" flag with pulse device for pulse support (Thanks to Sam!)
> * fixed some alsa bugs
> * ported from Vanilla: preserve phase in [clone] after [all( message,
> fixed a crasher
> * expand and improve the type hints for errors with edge case atoms
> (null selectors, null symbols, "floatlike" symbol payloads, etc.)
> * improvements to french translations (Thanks Joseph!)
> * update pd-lua compatibility with Lua 5.4 (Thanks Albert!)
> * port multi-step undo from Vanilla (Thanks Guillem!)
> * initial touch support in GUI (Thanks Albert and spidercatnat!)
> * zoom viewport fix (Thanks Albert!)
> -Jonathan
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