[L2Ork-dev] Purr Data 2.10.0

Jonathan Wilkes jon.w.wilkes at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 11:58:35 EDT 2019

Hi list,

Purr Data 2.10.0 is now available:



iem_spec2/spec2_tabreceive_enable~: fix array error handler and set
sane default array name value
fix partconv crashers in bsaylor lib and add perfroutine for array errors
adaptive/nlms3~: fix typo that caused a double free
fix lyonpotpourri crashers in dsp, perform and constructor routines
at least keep the inoperable streamout13~ and streamin13~ from
crashing when instantiating
use some sane default values in ekext/lpreson~ to prevent segfault
quick fixes to keep cxc/mean~ from crashing when dsp is turned on
greatly reduce undefined behavior in all dsp objects
fix hex2dec so that it actually does something useful
fix #523: crash with manual width adjustment on subpatch
add ability to change makefile flags for Gem from toplevel makefile
fix stray bugs detected by obs
unauthorized/cooled~: increase string buffer size to accommodate the
terminating nul character
unauthorized/cooled~: fix memory access bug trying to concatenate into
a string constant
iemmatrix/mtx_dispersive_dline: add missing void return type
allow make options like -j8 to be passed to the Gem compilation, which
takes awfully long on a single cpu.
cxc/cxc_split: fix use of un-initialized pointer
ggee/serial_bird: fix undefined behavior with the ++ operator
ext13/scramble~: fix header for scramble~
jasch_lib/detox/detox: reformat for sanity's sake, fix array overflow,
undefined behavior
linux desktop: remove the -rt -audiobuf options from the desktop files.
linux desktop: change DEFAULTADVANCE to 20 ms for Linux.
linux desktop: remove leftover TargetEnvironment=Unity lines in menu
entries for Purr Data
linux desktop: add some comments and a few more useful desktop action
examples to the main desktop file, so that the user understands how to
adjust these if needed.
linux desktop: replace pd-gui -> nw in the ForceQuit actions, which is
the proper name of the GUI program on Linux
linux desktop: remove useless %U arguments from desktop actions.
linux desktop: invoke desktop actions via /bin/sh.
linux desktop: migrate the desktop actions from the ancient Unity
syntax to the current freedesktop.org standard
linux desktop: remove sticky options from the desktop files. For now,
keep -rt -audiobuf 20.
Gem: sync with https://github.com/umlaeute/Gem, QT4L and startup
issues have been fixed
linux: fix the Debian control files once again, since the dependency
auto-detection needs a Depends line in there.
debuild: Support for ARM (e.g., Raspbian)
update nw-update to nw.js 0.24.4 to fix font issues under Linux
backport 'add-to-path' from vanilla rev. c917dd19, to make Gem happy.
usability improvements in the documentation browser.
switch Gem to the latest from upstream.
add missing dlls for fluid~ on Windows. Fixes #540.
Debian packaging: Demote python and fluid-soundfont dependencies, as
suggested in #540.
polish the externals/Makefile clean targets, and delete redundant files in repo
fix compile options for Xcode 10 - fftease and lyonpotpourri externals.
update pd-lua to latest upstream.
fix compile options for Xcode 10 - externals and abstractions.
fix compile options for Xcode 10.
ios header needs to be included before base64.h, to avoid compile
errors on macOS 10.14.
fix improper string access in pd_getdirname on Mac.
fix list cat crasher, update help patch, add missing test abstractions
get rid of obsolete and unneeded unicap and sndobj dependencies on Linux.
mark some globals as extern to fix compilation if g_canvas.h is
included more than once

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