[L2Ork-dev] Scripting language

Jonathan Wilkes jon.w.wilkes at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 20:20:22 EDT 2019

Hi list,

I'm thinking about writing a little scripting language VM class for
Purr Data.

What I want is for the user to be able to specify the number of
instructions per "bang". On each incoming "bang" the VM advances that
number of instructions then suspends. If the VM hits the end of the
script it outputs the result.

Could probably also have an ancillary inlet that only process the
"continuation" bangs. That way the user could hook up a "bang~" to the
ancillary inlet to sync the continuations with dsp

In a way, it's the opposite of "until"-- where "until" has a single
bang for a stream of output, this class would take a stream of bangs
to produce a single output.

My main point of interest is for the scripting language itself to be
extremely simple and imperative. Is there anything like this out
there atm? Keep in mind I don't want await/async syntax or anything
fancy. I want the syntax to look like a series of ordered, blocking calls
and I want the continuations set through a single integer value.


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