[L2Ork-dev] Final update on GSoC 18

pranay gupta pranayguptastudent at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 00:37:07 EDT 2018

Hi list.

I am sorry I am really late for this update.

My name is Pranay Gupta, I was the selected candidate for GSoC 18 with
purr-data. I had been working for the past 3 months on adding support for
double precision floating point numbers in purr-data, under the guidance of
Jonathan Wilkes, Now, since the GSoC period is over I would like to share
with you the progress that we were ale to make in these three months.

1) We were successfully able to compile and run the core libraries of
purr-data in both double and single precision.

2) We were successfully able to compile and run the libraries that ship
with the light build of purr-data. (pd/extra) in both single and double

3) We successfully compiled the freeverb~ external library in both single
and double precision.

The work that now remains

1) Compile the remaining external libraries that ship with purr-data in
double precision. We have added a note in the readme in order to guide the
new developers who wish to complete this task.

Here is the link to the final report that was submitted for the evaluations:

It had been the working experience of my life and I wish to continue
working for purr-data.

Thanking You

Pranay Gupta
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