[L2Ork-dev] [newbie] Rapspi3 + CirrusLogicAudio card

francois.heslot at free.fr francois.heslot at free.fr
Tue May 10 09:22:20 UTC 2016


I have some newbie questions about L2ork on raspi3 + Wolfson audio card:

1) Does it run OK on a config with Rapspi3 + Cirrus Logic Audio card (element14, reference for audio card #2448312)?

2) is pd running only as an interpreted language or is it possible to run it compiled on the raspi3 ?
does a compiled version allow to reduce the delay/buff size ?

3) Is it possible for l2ork and what would be the advantages of using a real-time version of the os on the raspi, using the config above ?

4) The GPIO is essentially swamped once the Cirrus logic audio card is plugged-in:

4.1 has anyone tested using the I2C lines by soldering additional wires to it, and used it successfully via L2ork for I/O control purposes (eg an additional I/O port, while the i2c lines are also eventualy used on some time slots by the audio card )? (and what are the i2c adresses already used by the audio card ?)
4.2 is the L2ork control of an arduino still possible (does it requires gpio lines for fast response ? knowing that the (inherently slow) serial interface of the raspi is still accessible on a header of the audio card)


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